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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

An association was formed some time in the early 1990s. But due to unforeseen circumstances this association ceased functioning.

Feeling the necessity of an association in UK, a few of the old students have now formed the current association on 17th June 2001.

The old students who met on this day formed a committee of management, names of whom are listed below.


President : Mr. A. Kumararajan

Vice President : Mr. D. Rabindramohan

Joint Secretary : Mr. A. C. Vasan

Joint Secretary : Mr. S. Jeganathan

Treasurer : Mr. N. Sushilan

Joint Treasurer : Mr. R. Anpalagan

Committee members

Mr. K. Rajkumar – Sports coordinator

Mr. C. Sivanesan – Cultural coordinator

Mr. S. Rangaraj – Communications coordinator

Mr. V. Balakumar – IT coordinator

Mr. T. SriBaskaran – Membership coordinator

Events/Actions already happened

  •  Membership Drive – we have gathered the names of old students resident in UK, numbering well over 100.
  •  Sports – At the TSSA sports meet held at Harrow in August 2001, a cricket team representing Manipay Hindu College entered the cricket competition between colleges of Jaffna peninsula and we reached the semi-final stage of the competition.
  • Inaugural meeting – The inaugural meeting of the members of our association was held on 28 Oct 2001 at a hall adjoining Archway Temple in North London. On that date, formal enrolment of membership was done. It was decided to draw up a constitution for the association.
  • We had communications with MHC OSA based in Canada, Australia and Colombo and also with the present Principal of MHC Mr. Shanmuganathan.
  • We have also been contacting at personal level with old students based in Germany, France and Botswana.
  •  Constitution – Our constitution was approved at a meeting held at “Magnum Club” Stanmore on 3 Feb 2002. A good number of members was present at this meeting. The draft of the constitution of the MHC OSA [UK] was approved at this meeting. A copy of which is available on request.
  •  Web Site – This web site that you are reading is also an outcome of our joint effort.